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The Latest Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Basically Spoils Everything

This latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man basically ruins the movie’s plot, really, after watching this I can already see where things are headed. Marc Webb has altered Peter’s origin story, and that’s fine — but why reveal this juicy fact in a trailer? The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on July 3rd.

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  • I also agreed they revealed too much. I mean just flash some cool shots of spidey and the bad guy, then be done with it. Spiderman sells its self. People are gonna go see it no matter what but now some fans might be reluctant. Either way i’ll go see it 8)

  • I saw a quick scene in there that might imply what I THINK is gonna happen near the end of the movie… and, well, damn, now I can’t unsee what I’ve seen!