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Upotte!! Episode 7 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

On “Be Afraid! Visit!” the girls… wait, I just realized something. All of the episode titles contain two exclamation marks. It’s like they take the two from the series title (Upotte!!) and throw them in the episode title. Wow, my mind is blown — how clever!

Back on topic, on this episode the girls are on winter break. This means snowball fights, New Years cards, and a few other shenanigans. It’s a relaxed episode and it sticks with the comedy. I enjoyed things for the most part. Eru’s epic snowballs were easily the highlight.

Although, it’s no longer funny seeing FNC go crazy when the Japanese teacher mentions her thong. For a second it looked like she was going to just brush it off, but she went back to her old ways. (Rating: 7.5/10)

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