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Sony or Microsoft Will Shock Everyone and Tease Something Next-Gen at E3 2012

I’ll be at E3 2012 in a week covering all the madness. But before I pack my bags and kiss northeast Ohio goodbye, here’s one bold prediction. Sony or Microsoft (or both) will tease something next-gen. Okay, alright, I know what you’re thinking, but before you roll your eyes in disgust, read this first.

Earlier this year everyone thought Sony and Microsoft would be showing off new consoles come E3 2012. But in a strange twist, both companies came out and denied the rumors. So the discussion ended there, but should we really trust the words of a couple of PR mouthpieces?

Well, they probably weren’t technically lying when they said the PS4 and Next Xbox will miss E3 2012. But there are ways to announce something without actually announcing anything. Here’s all they have to say, let’s use Sony as an example:

“Here at Sony we’re always thinking about the future, and today we’d like to share a video with you. This is what you can expect from the PlayStation brand in the coming years”

After that they can show a “concept video” of one of their major IPs, in Sony’s case this would be Uncharted. The crowd would erupt in applause because the graphics would obviously look way better than anything currently available on the PS3 (and the video could show Drake in an open world). And then once the host steps back on stage they’d say: “This is only a concept video — we aren’t announcing anything today, we just wanted to give everyone an idea of the direction we’re headed in”.

This would get gamers talking and take some of the helium out of Nintendo’s balloon. And they’d never mention anything about a new console; all we’d have is a “concept video”. Furthermore, when pressed about a new console they can just say: “We have no announcements at this time, but we hope you enjoyed the video.” It’s perfect from a PR standpoint, they love non-answers and this is the ultimate one. Yet, at the same time the video acknowledges a new console is coming soon.

Something like this would send shockwaves through E3 2012 because everyone thinks Sony and Microsoft will only focus on current consoles. So the timing is perfect, E3 needs at least one truly shocking reveal, and let’s face it — the sixth installment of an established IP, and a few “leftover games” are far from shocking.

Unreal Engine 4

I know, “The PS3 and Xbox 360 are selling like fireworks in July, this would kill sales!” We’ve all heard that line before when talk of next-generation consoles starts to heat up. Here’s the thing, the people who are buying PS3s and Xbox 360s for the first time in 2012 wouldn’t buy a new console at launch. They aren’t early adopters; they’re the type of gamers that wait for price drops and huge game libraries. Or they’re extremely casual and are unaware of the trends in gaming. So sales wouldn’t take a major hit, who knows, they may go up if a price drop is also announced.

Sony and Microsoft know gamers are starting to become restless, and I’m confident that one of them will give in and throw us a bone. If only one company does this they’ll have an advantage over the one that decided to play it safe. It could essentially force the other party’s hand. Now the question is — who will pull the trigger at E3 2012, Sony or Microsoft?

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  • darthtigris

    Concept video???

    No. That would be the single WORST thing they could do. E3 trailers are most concept videos or cg trailers anyway. This will tell us nothing except they can make a cool cg movie that sort of resembles a game.

    No. Just … just no …

    • It’s just to build hype and to get people talking about the next generation of consoles. Gameplay would be nice, but then they’d have to say its on a new console. So they couldn’t do that without a full reveal…

  • I would have to agree with only the teasing part, i would have to guess that microsoft would only show a 10 sec video which would be similar to the xbox 360 start up image but with the 720. Not saying they would replace 360 with 720, they would make a entirely different video.

  • “took a shit and crapped out gold” I’m not saying this article is the best thing I’ve ever written, but your comment is written just as poorly. Crapped out gold would have worked, the shit part is just redundant 🙂

    Anyway, this is more about how they could announce something without actually announcing something. And an argument for Sony could be that they want to get out ahead of Microsoft, since they said they can’t afford to launch a year after them again. Now Microsoft may want to get another head start (over Sony). It’s all about timing and price.

    But yeah, that’s my prediction…

  • Fluorescent Freesbee

    announcing next gen is probably the worst idea they could come up with in my opinion. No one wants next gen, at least none of us Sony PS3 users. PS3 is just 6 years into its life cycle and I don’t see any PS3 user excited about PS4, Sony would hit bottom again if they do that. Xboxers I don’t give a damn really, they can “crap out gold” haha for all I care. Freakin fanboys.

    • If you guys really gave a damn about Sony you’d want them to announce a PS4 soon. And 6 years into its life cycle? Are you one of those people who misunderstood the 10 year plan?

      Also you’re calling out Xbox fanboys when you admit to being a Sony one? Jeez, freaking fanboys…

  • I think that it should be Sony this time to get the head start although it might not be that probable since Sony couldn’t even deliver the remote play for the Vita, i know that has nothing to do with this but i’m still pissed off about it

    • Yeah, if they were smart they’d go for it. The PS4 doesn’t have to be crazy powerful, it just needs to come out first and cost $399. Now would be the perfect time since Microsoft are going Xbox Live and Kinect crazy. It’s all about timing, and the stage is set.

      • Yea exactly though 399$ would be great for a console at launch it would be annoying if they increase the price of the games -_-

  • Historically this is the right time in the life cycle of a generation that new consoles are announced. The only delay i think is because of so many changes coming about in technology.

    • True, the other reason could be because Sony and Microsoft kind of messed up at the beginning of this generation. They’re in a good place now, and they may be afraid to start over again. So they’re prolonging the inevitable. But I think one of them will tease something.

  • rorschach2

    You’re from NEOhio? I’m from NEOhio!!! Cool dude… Just thought I’d throw that out there

    • Ha-ha, yeah I’m from Canton, Ohio 🙂

      • rorschach2

        I’m from Akron. I wish I could kiss Northeast Ohio goodbye and go to E3!!

  • If i had to make a bold ass prediction it would be the announcement of the next xbox for holiday 2013 release. With the news that Bungie is developing their next game for the next gen xbox as well as the 360 shows that these next gen consoles are close