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What I Learnt This Past Week: Minecraft is Addictive

Like everyone else who owns a PC, I bought a copy of Diablo III, expecting to lose myself in the monster and demon slaying and loot grabbing activities. And for a while, I did. The stunning cinematics, intuitive controls and engaging combat made for an amazing gameplay experience. But for all that makes Diablo III great (and there is a lot), I strangely kept going back to Minecraft.

Blocks, everywhere

Yes. That block based, diamond finding, creeper avoiding adventure land. There are a multitude of reasons Diablo III is a far superior game. Graphically, Diablo excels, though I don’t think that graphics makes a game great or not. Diablo has a multitude of levels, differing pieces of loot, varying degrees of difficulty and a story arch (albeit one that comes second to gameplay, but I’m definitely not complaining about that). And conversely, Minecraft has no story, no clear objective (you could spend literally years without building a portal and reaching The End) and the same items to dig out of the ground and turn into pickaxes.

Where's the diamond blocks in here?

But it is this lack of objectives and a Lego element that keeps me coming back. While I’m progressing through Diablo, I’m always thinking of how I’m going to finish that self-powered railway, or how I need to set up a new mine. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child. Only recently I began playing Minecraft multiplayer. It’s only strengthened my fascination and my addiction.

Even just playing single player, my imaginary towns populated by no one but me and some cows and pigs provides me with a real imaginative stimulus. It’s the thrill of completing that next big project. And the Lego-esque ability to build to your heart’s content provides an unparalleled experience.

I’m sure my fascination with Minecraft will eventually fade away but for this past week at least, I learnt that Minecraft is addictive. Seriously addictive.

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