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Inversion Lets You ‘Weaponize Gravity’

Inversion is one of those games that looks promising, but somehow it’s managed to fly completely under the radar. It was originally scheduled to come out earlier this year, but Namco pushed it back. Now it’s due out on June 5 — yes, it comes out on the first day of E3 2012… awkward!

In this behind the game video Saber Interactive president Matthew Karch and associate producer Nick Madonna discuss the game at length. One thing I found interesting is that they’re self-aware, calling the game generic at first glance, but they promise a twist that will make it unique.

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  • Kaizin514

    Looks interesting, if I had the money, I would probably review this myself

    • Well I was already planning on reviewing it. I’ll have it up after E3, though.

      • XavierLeromeLangham

        will be reading this when you put it up

  • XavierLeromeLangham

    if it wasn’t for the fact that i was saving for ps3 i would be buying this day 1 untill then timshift will have to do