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Sankarea Episode 9 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Don’t you hate cliffhangers? You have to wait a week (or longer if it’s a season finale) to see what happens. Last week’s episode of Sankarea ended with one, but instead of picking up where things left off, this episode focuses on Mero. It’s a dirty trick, but a nice change of pace.

Mero and her two friends are the stars of this episode. They have a little makeshift zombie club, and they share stories of potential encounters with the supernatural.

I enjoyed these parts because it was obvious the girls were being led a stray. An alligator in a teacher’s purse, and soup that smells like boiling flesh – check! Mero and her friends were working every moe angle, there’s an aggressive one, an oblivious one, and Mero — the quiet weird one.

Although, this episode brings more than moe cuteness, there was one huge hint dropped into our laps. Mero’s mother was probably a zombie. She was cold and looked an awful lot like Rea. Hopefully this wasn’t a one-time thing. I want some answers. Now I’m curious about what exactly happened to her mother. (Rating: 9/10)

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