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Watch Dogs: Our First True Next Gen Game?

Ubisoft announced today during their E3 press conference a new IP called Watch Dogs. This game takes place in what appears to be a present day setting where computers and corporations use data to spy on everyone and use that data to make money (sounds much like many issues nowadays). Anyways, Ubisoft showed off a rather lengthy gameplay demo of what gamers can expect from this new IP, but several things that appeared to be lacking was a release date and what console(s) we would be seeing this on.

Based on their press release, nothing was mentioned, meaning, is this going to be our first look into next gen gaming? The possibilities for what this game could contain are endless, not to mention it is actually VERY beautiful. Ubisoft also showed off some Wii U footage from their new Rayman game, and while it looks like a lot of fun, Watch Dogs is looking to be the first big next gen game we get to see. So, I think time will tell, but Watch Dogs, which you can watch above, may be one of the many things we can expect from this next gen. Hopefully, this new IP is highly successful and it showcases that new games can come out that aren’t blatant rip-offs of everything else we see.

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  • i think watch dogs stole sleeping dogs thunder

  • XavierLeromeLangham

    this game will be crazy i can’t wait to see more

  • This game is like Assassins Creed’s setting modernized and its gameplay refined… Definitely worth keeping tabs on! =O