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Sankarea Episode 10 Micro-Review

Spoilers Ahead

A few weeks ago I made a comment about Rea’s mother. I didn’t understand what her deal was, and why she didn’t go looking for her daughter after finding out she died, and came back to life as a zombie. It just didn’t sound right—she’s a lush, but how could any mother be so uncaring? Well, on this episode I got my answers.

Turns out she’s not really Rea’s mother. This caught me off guard, but that alone doesn’t explain why she doesn’t care. Even stepmothers become attached to their stepchildren over time.

Her problem with Rea stems from all the affection she receives from daddy dearest. He only has eyes for Rea. Once we hear the story behind Rea’s real mother, everything begins to make sense Her father fell in love with the least likely girl because she was pure and innocent.

Actually, as crazy as Rea’s father is this episode makes him somewhat likeable. He wasn’t interested in the women falling all over him because he knew they didn’t really want him, it was all about status. But then he met Rea’s mother, a crippled girl with a big heart and fell in love with her instantly.

Still, he shouldn’t have let his affection for Rea’s mother turn him into a creep that takes naked pictures of his daughter. That’s unacceptable, and probably illegal. Overall I loved this episode (9/10).

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