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Among the Sleep – A New Breed of Horror?

We all know of horror games such as Dead Space, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, and Amnesia. There is a new one entering the fray next year that is taking a rather different approach to the genre. This game is Among the Sleep. Developed by Norwegian developers Krillbite Studios, Among the Sleep puts you in the shoes of a rather defenseless two year old with his teddy bear. While I have seen some comments stating that playing a two year old would be… awkward… I still believe that this has some pretty good potential for a horror game.

Imagine being roughly three feet tall and having to deal with the horrors of the darkness. As you can see in the video above, it plays on the curiousness that a two year old tends to have, while still dealing with the challenges of not being able to move as quickly or really being able to defend yourself in any way. According to Krillbite, this gameplay trailer has been showcased by many popular journalism sites as well as been tweeted by many well known developers in anticipation.

Anyways, I might be picking this up, I am a sucker for horror games (and movies for that matter). The prospect of being 100% helpless when it comes to exploration and what not seems like a great way to explore the genre a little further. Not to mention, that gameplay teaser was actually quite creepy.

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