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Gravity Rush Launch Trailer

Gravity Rush is in stores today, check out this launch trailer. The game is okay… yeah. Basically if you own a PS Vita you may as well pick this up. Seriously, it’s the only PS Vita game worth getting this summer. It’s either this or a bunch of old games. The choice is yours.

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  • Kaizin514

    All sold out at Walmart when I went yesterday… that and MLB 12: The Show…. sooo… I didn’t end up buying anything aside from two Screen Protectors and a wrist strap…

  • Well, that’s kind of a negetive way to put it. I thought this game was amazing, despite a few very minor flaws.

    • Lol, I was joking — I’m joking about 80% of the time. But glad you liked it 🙂