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Inversion Review

There’s a good chance that many gamers aren’t even aware that Inversion is in stores. It came out on the busiest day in gaming, and thus it got buried in a pile of E3 2012 news. But now it’s getting some time in the spotlight. Now there’s one question left – how far can zero gravity take Inversion?

The Story -Davis Russel is a cop and a family man. It’s a normal day and he’s heading home to see his daughter when the unexpected happens. His town is being overrun by a group of strange savages, and once he and his partner start investigating they discover that something isn’t right — the laws of gravity are starting to change. Before you know it Davis is on a mission to save his daughter and the world.

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Title: Inversion
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Developer: Saber Interactive
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
ESRB: Mature
Release Date: 6/5/12[/toggle_box]


  • Solid Third Person ShooterInversion‘s gameplay will instantly feel familiar to anyone who has played a third person cover based shooter. You pop in and out of cover while shooting bad guys. It’s pretty basic stuff, the controls aren’t amazing, but they’re far from terrible. They deliver a solid third person shooter experience. They don’t get in your way, this is good because you can focus on alternating between shooting your enemies and throwing cars at them.
  • Playing With GravityInversion uses gravity to set itself apart from games like Gears of War and Uncharted. This makes gunfights more entertaining because you can throw objects at your enemies or just pick them up and fill them with bullets. You control your gravity powers with the back triggers (there’s Low G and High G) , it’s a little confusing at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. Your gravity shifting powers are also used to clear paths, it’s simple, but this is more enjoyable than just shooting down objects to climb on.
  • Destroy It – I love destruction, and there are tons of it here. Structures will crash down in the middle of firefights and your cover may get blown up. This keeps you on your toes and it’s fun to watch everything crumble.
  • Cool Twist – The story isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it does have a twist that I thought was pretty cool. No, I’ll take it a step further — it’s one of the better twists I’ve seen in a video game.
  • Co-Op and Multiplayer – You can play through the game with a friend or jump online and play with up to 11 other players. There are 8 multiplayer modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, hourglass, assault, king of gravity, grav control, gravity slaughter, and survival.


  • Poor Voice Acting – The music drowns out the voice actors (this makes it seem like everyone is whispering), but when you get around to turning it down, you’ll quickly crank it back up. The voice acting can be painful at times; it’s like amateur night at the local theater.
  • Generic Characters – Jeez, it’s like Saber Interactive didn’t even try when it came to creating memorable protagonists. Both of the game’s main characters are as generic as they come. It’s hard to care for them because they don’t have their own identity.


  • Needs More PolishInversion looks rough in certain areas, and overall it just lacks polish. While playing I felt like Namco just gave up and said to Saber Interactive, “Ugh, we’re releasing the damn game — you’ve guys had enough time!” The graphics do occasionally look good, but for the most part there’s a ton of pop-up and ugly textures.
  • Borrows Too Much – Games borrow elements from each other — this will never stop. But Inversion borrows too much — at times it feels like one of Gameloft’s cheap iOS knockoffs, anyone up for a game of Modern Combat 3?


Gameplay is the most important thing when it comes to a video game (go figure). Inversion is rough around the edges and at times it desperately wants to be Gears of War and every other popular third person shooter — but it never manages to top its inspirations. Still, when the dust settles this is a good third person shooter. Manipulating gravity is fun, there’s a great plot twist, and combat is enjoyable. It’s worth a look if you’re a hardcore fan of the genre.

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Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 6.5
Story: 8
Sound: 6
Replay Value: 7

Good – This game probably won’t win any awards, but it’ll keep you entertained, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters–it’s worth a look.[/toggle_box]

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  • Kaizin514

    Hmm, so as it stands, most should probably wait for a price drop? Ok, sounds good to me 😀

    • Yeah, most gamers will probably wait until it comes down in price. That’ll probably happen in a month since games that don’t get crazy high scores get price cuts super fast. It’s a good game, though, just not as polished as I would have liked.