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Platinum Trophy Time! Resistance: Burning Skies

Many gamers and completionists today are drawn to trophies (PS3) and achievements (XBox 360). This does provide the user with a great sense of accomplishment while playing a game. The only company not on board seems to be Nintendo. I don’t think Nintendo users really mind that much, but to people use to hearing a special tone when they did something cool, i it can ruin the experience. Personally I prefer trophies over achievements. The fact that its called a trophy makes the accomplishment feel more tangible. It makes me want to dust off my mantel and place it for all to see. That being said here is a nice detailed guide on how you can get your first Platinum trophy on the PS Vita.

The game is Resistance: Burning Skies. This game is definitely not the most amazing experience in the world, but being able to platinum the game in a single play through makes it worth a go.  If you’re worried about money just buy it used and return it after you get your trophy. Let’s get started. Here in the trophy list and descriptions. Don’t freak out you can get this trophy will a little work.

This last one is the same as the one before except it shows the incite trophy.

Now that you’ve seen the list lets get you some trophies toward Platinum bliss. The first trophy you should get is “Incite”. All you need to do is play any multiplayer match to the end. This is very easy. Go out and have some fun blasting some fools or just sit there and get your ass handed to you. The choice is yours.

Next, I will list every trophy that you will get just by going through and beating the campaign. This seriously trims the fat off big time. Here’s the list:

Staten Island, Military Ocean Terminal, George Washington Bridge, Ellis Island, Protection Camp, Conversion Tower, G-man, Impaled, Executed, Unnatural, Inhuman. These are all either chapter completions, bosses, mini-bosses, and/or story related trophies.

Now here are my suggestions on the strategies you should use when finishing up the remaining trophies. Remember you can do this through a single play through. You can even check your progress in game, by using the trophy tab in the pause menu.

Upgrade, Combine, and Customize:

When you get the Upgrade achievement, you’ll end up going through a tutorial on how to upgrade your weapons using mystical blue squares. Combine requires that you use two up grades on a weapon. To get this trophy you need to upgrade both a red and blue power on one weapon. To get the Customize trophy you just need to put at least one upgrade cube in each weapon. You dont have to “fully upgrade” the weapons.

Indiscriminate and Variety:

These trophies are cake. Every time you get a new weapon or grenade just kill someone with it and then kill something else using the secondary fire if applicable. Follow this formula and you will get this trophy easily.

Dangerous, Deadly, and Lethal:

These take awhile but just keep shooting and you should have all of them before you get to the end of the game.


Make sure to use the ax whenever you come across an unsuspecting chimera and especially where there is a ton of grims (zombie like chimera) running at you. You’ll get this in no time.


This can be a tough one to get. The key is using the right weapon. The Auger and the Six-Eye work fantastic. Try using these guns on the hopper chimera that jump around because they have a bigger heat pack on their back. The Six-Eye is the easiest to get this achievement with and throughout the campaign you’re sure to get some random hits with other weapons too.


You should be aiming for the head of every ground chimera. The Carbine is a great weapon to use and you can head shot anything with it. A good idea is not to aim down the sites and use open sites instead. You’ll still get the headshots and it will be easier to aim to another enemy. Other weapons that work well are the Auger and the Six-Eye.


This trophy is a little tricky if you want to get it in your first play through. You only encounter 12 of these through the games so you’ll need to die a couple times to keep killing them. The best spot to do this is in chapter 6. There will be a room where you fight 2 Executioners and 1 Impaler. By this time you should be very close to getting the trophy so after you kill the three, kill yourself and do it again til you get it.

That’s all you need to know! Now you are ready to go out and get a Platinum trophy. Let me know your favorite Platinum trophy in the comments below.

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