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Dead Space 3 Will Appeal to a ‘Broader’ Audience

When I heard co-op was being added to Dead Space 3 I thought, “This is the beginning of the end!” It was apparent that EA desperately wants to widen the game’s target audience. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, but at some point if you change too much you can ruin a series.

In an interview with CVG EA Labels president Frank Gibeau had this to say:

In general we’re thinking about how we make this a more broadly appealing franchise, because ultimately you need to get to audience sizes of around five million to really continue to invest in an IP like Dead Space.

He claims that the horror elements will still be present, but they’re trying to make the game appeal to more gamers by “adding” a few things. This scares me, why does every game have to sell five million copies? Three million isn’t good enough, really?

Antics like this are why the video game industry is beginning to lack innovation, everyone is going after all the FPS/TPS fans. Still, let’s remain optimistic until the game is in our hands. Check out a 20 minute gameplay video below:

Source: CVG

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  • ya i have to say that what their doing seems right to me. The first game was Clarke’s intro to the necromorphs so scary. In the second hes going insane so the horror should be there. Now he’s well versed and he knows what to do, so i dont see why it needs to still be horrific. Games cost a lot of money so i can see why they need to sell as many copies as possible and they need to cater to mechanics that sell games. I think theyre headed in the right direction with the franchise because theyre going to sell more copies and thats better for the company, than satisfying a handful of fans. This is my favorite video game series and I still stand by it.

    • Kaizin514

      Yea, but would you rather have them ruin your favorite series and sell a few more copies, or improve upon it and sell the same amount?

      Personally, I feel that co-op would be very welcome, if… and only if… they can make it JUST as scary as the previous games. Dead Space 1 gave you scary in close quarters. Dead Space 2 gave you scary in a more open environment (while adding a decent multiplayer aka “could have been better”). Dead Space 3 is adding co-op and most likely bringing a return to multiplayer.

      My concern is, will it be scary enough? I feel Dead Space is really one of the only surviving franchises that has made me jump in terms of thrills. Co-op means that you will have someone to play with, which in my experience, makes the scares a little less scary (not being alone is the key).

      Dead Space is, first and foremost, a horror game, and I would hate to see it lose that edge all because they “need” 5 million sales. Call of Duty is a prime example of a loss of quality for sales, and I hope EA doesn’t run Dead Space into the ground because they want a few extra bucks.

      Anyways, I know I sound a little concerned, but right now I just want more details. I want to know how this is going to pan out, after all, EA is apparently aiming for more money, which generally means a lesser quality game. Let’s hope they can prove us wrong.

      • I think about adding another player in the first 2 and i think it would have been just as scary. The second player like in res evil 5 makes you focus on them a little more just to make sure they’re ok. This takes some of your attention off what you’re doing and so when something does come around i’m sure you’ll get the same OH SHIT feeling from the others. Honestly after the first one I wasn’t jumpy. I knew going in what to expect but it didn’t take away from my experience what so ever.

        I think call of duty was headed in that direction way before any of us knew about it. It sells a lot so many people like it. I dont but thats because i play 15 games a month as opposed to 1. I’m still considered a minority in that market. This company has to do what they can to compete and i’d rather see them compete than people losing their jobs because they didn’t wanna throw in some things that would bring the game to a larger audience.