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Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 11 Micro-Review

Warning, Spoilers Ahead

“The Mysterious School Festival” lures us in with the promise of some juicy drama. Finally, Akira and Urabe’s relationship has met a major roadblock in the form of Akira’s former crush. Now the question is, will we be treated to some real tension, or will everything be swept under the rug in an unrealistic fashion?

Well, there was some tension, but I didn’t like how things were handled on this episode. I wanted to see Urabe flip out and attack Akira and his former crush (her name escapes me). But Urabe just makes Akira tastes her droll while she’s naked under a robot costume. And then the other girl attempts to do the same thing, really?

Still, this episode made us feel sorry for the girl trying to ruin Urabe and Akira’s relationship. It also proved that Urabe isn’t as crazy as she originally appeared, she never once jumped to conclusions. (Rating: 8/10)

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