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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

Gamers often moan about the yearly Call of Duty installments, but it seems like there’s also a new LEGO game every year. Actually, with a bit of research you’ll discover that TT Games has released 13 LEGO games since 2006 (that number will rise to 15 by the end of the year). Sure, those 13 games span multiple franchises, but that’s still ridiculous considering each game is basically a re-skinned version of the previous one. Well, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes attempts to breathe life into the series with voice acting and an open world filled with possibilities. So, does it succeed?

The Story – The Joker and Lex Luther unleash every super hero in Gotham and now they’re causing trouble (shocking). All of this is too much for Batman & Robin to handle so they get some help from their super friends.

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Title: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Genre: Action
Developer: TT Games
Platform: PS3
Price: $49.99
ESRB: E-10+
Release Date: 6/19/12[/toggle_box]


  • Who Needs The Avengers? – There are 50 DC Comics characters to unlock. All your favorites are here, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc. The game really should be called LEGO Justice League; Batman is actually the least interesting super hero.
  • Gotham – Gotham is your hub and between missions, you can run around the city looking for collectibles, stealing cars, helping civilians, and smashing everything in your path. Gotham isn’t the biggest world I’ve seen in a game, but it is a decent size – especially when you consider all the indoor mission locations.
  • Suits – There are tons of puzzles across Gotham and you’ll need to equip the right suit to get past them. I loved all the suits so I can’t pick favorites, though; Robin’s Freeze Suit is pretty awesome.
  • Smash, Build, & Solve – Gameplay wise LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes feels like another LEGO game (in the levels, not while traversing Gotham). This isn’t a bad thing, just be ready to smash, build, and solve.
  • Pow! – The combat isn’t what I’d classify as deep, but each superhero has their own unique set of context sensitive moves. While wearing Batman’s electric suit you can electrocute your foes like Darth Vader, and Robin loves to suplex bad guys.
  • Villains, Villains, Villains! – The Joker and Lex Luther are calling the shots, and they’re bringing a few of their friends. Honestly, I feel like all the major Batman villains are in this game.
  • Built For Co-Op – LEGO games are built for co-op and this one isn’t any different. Grab a friend and have some fun, two heads are better than one (more on that later).
  • Talking LEGOs, Really? – Voice acting sounded like a bad idea at first, but it enhances the experience. The mute approach works games based on established movies (because you already know what they’re saying), but an original plot would feel unsatisfying if the LEGOs couldn’t talk.
  • Easter Eggs – If you’re a fan of Batman and DC Comics you’ll notice tons of Easter eggs.
  • Surprisingly Beautiful – I didn’t know LEGOs could look this good, there’s some nice effects in Gotham City.
  • Vehicles Handle Well – From the Batmobile all the way down to the delivery bike parked outside a building — all the vehicles handle well.
  • Making Up For Superman 64 – Superman steals the show; you’ll be smiling like crazy the first time you use him to fly around the city.


  • Too Easy – Death is meaningless here, who needs a strategy when you’re basically invincible?
  • A Little Choppy – Things can become a little choppy while running around Gotham, the game never comes to a crawl, but you will notice a few framerate dips.
  • Shut Up Alfred! – Is every butler this annoying? Alfred, we get it, the gold blocks are important! Now shut up and go make us a sandwich!


  • Flying Solo –Do yourself a favor and play this with a buddy or family member. Playing solo borders on tedious. It works fine when you’re lurking in the shadows of Gotham, but the puzzles are tiring when you have to constantly switch between characters. You’re A.I. sidekick is worthless; they’ll sit by and watch you get beat up. Plus once you switch characters all the enemies head straight in your direction.
  • Occasionally Unclear – There were times when I didn’t know what to do next – some of the puzzles felt too vague.


LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is a LEGO game to the core, but that won’t stop you from having a wonderful time. Gotham is a sprawling playground built for heroes, and there are enough playable characters, missions, and goodies to keep you fighting crime all night long. Grab a friend, put on your masks, and hit the streets.

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Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8
Story: N/A
Sound: 8
Replay Value: 8

Great – Many strive for greatness, and fail. Not this game, it looked greatness in the eye and lived to tell about it. We recommend purchasing it.[/toggle_box]

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