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Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

I got a wonderful email this morning from NCSoft detailing a certain release date for a certain game of theirs. This game is Guild Wars 2 and it is the sequel to their very popular MMO, Guild Wars, and it is set to launch on August 28, 2012.

Being 5 years in the making, fans will be able to go back to the world of Tyria and explore its vast lands whilst doing quests and playing with friends. Until then, if you wanted to get in on some of the action, NCSoft has still promised several beta weekends for those of you who have pre-purchased (or in some cases, pre-ordered) Guild Wars 2. The best method of purchase is probably the actual Guild Wars 2 website because of a 3 day head start and guaranteed beta access as well as a few other goodies.

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