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Head’s Up: Tribe’s Ascend Is On Steam

Hey readers, back in April I reviewed Hi-Rez Studios’s free to play shooter, Tribes: Ascend. This past week, it was added to Steam’s Free to Play catalog for all to enjoy. I figured I would give you guys a head up for a great first person thrill-ride that is definitely worth checking out. It is a blast to play and it is rather easy to learn as long as you can lead your targets for a shot. Hi-Rez also does a good job of keeping it updated, so expect both free and paid DLC sometime in the future, as well as skins and possibly new classes and weapons.

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  • Edgar Ocampo

    Thanks Bryan! I still have yet to get this game but it’s good to know that it’s on Steam now. I tend to try to put as many games on my Steam library as I can so this is gonna be one of them. The fact that it’s F2P is even better. =)