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Hyouka Episode 10 Micro-Review

Warning Spoilers Ahead

The mystery about the unfinished movie continues, and this time Oreki is flying solo. So he has to solve the mystery by himself. Although, when you think about it this isn’t any different from the other mysteries – he’s always the one doing the heavy lifting.

Oreki is determined for once, after that weird-sempai calls him extraordinary. Once again, I’m not sure if he’s crushing on her (like Chintanda) or if girls like her just intimidate him. Maybe he knew she was going to ask for more help, and since he’s lazy, the thought fills him with discomfort.

Now about the movie, the killer was the cameraman. Seriously, this is a cheap trick and one that no one would have guessed, because no one broke the fourth wall and started talking to him (they explained this). Still, just when it looked like everything was over, and the movie is finished, it seems that there’s more. Jeez, will this arc just hurry up and end. (Rating: 7.5/10)

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  • Fillip65
  • Agreed, I wish this arc would end. I’m really getting sick of seeing Houtaro get tooled around by girls who just want him to solve their ridiculous problems for nothing in return. On that note, I think he’s just intimidated by Little Miss Creepy here, in addition to the (very aggravating) fact that she blew his mind by calling him “special”.

    The way the episode ends also reminded me of something out of Death Note; Mayaka tells him something that wasn’t all that dramatic or startling, but somehow manages to flip his world upside-down.

    To conclude, I wanna see Houtaro develop more as a character on his own accord, instead of typical anime character development through a series of forced situations.