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Jormungand Episode 12 Micro-Review

Warning Spoilers Ahead

This is the last episode of the first season of Jormungand, and I’ll admit that I’m sad to see this one go. It was one of the better anime of the Spring 2012 season. It’ll be back in the fall, though. So just look at this as a brief hiatus. Now, here are my thoughts on this episode.

Valmet is still out for revenge, and Jonah is still tagging along. Meanwhile Koko’s team is under attack by Dominique and his crew. Last week’s episode made it seem like we’d witness a thrilling battle between the two groups, but things end before they even begin. This left me feeling disappointed, but Valmet brought the action back. And there was a cool shootout involving two moving cars.

Valmet got her revenge, but we didn’t actually see her kill Chen. Karen later guns down Valmet, but Jonah ultimately shoots her. But it’s pointless; both of them come out of it alive. I knew Valmet wouldn’t die, but I don’t see the point of keeping Karen around.

Koko let Dominique and his crew free under one condition, she wanted to know who put out the hit on her. We don’t get to hear who it was, but the end of the episode implies that the hit came from within her organization. Overall this was a great episode and I can’t wait to see season two. (Rating: 9/10)

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