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The Last Story Set to Arrive August 14th

XSeed Games has announced a release date for the long-overdue JRPG The Last Story, and it’s coming sooner than you think. Set to hit shelves August 14, copies of the game will come with an art book, but those that pre-order will pick up the Premium Soundtrack as well.

This is simply nothing but good news. I can understand Nintendo of America’s reasoning behind not wanting to publish this – there’s a strong chance that this game may not sell well, even with some heavy marketing. However, XSeed is taking a huge risk in order to bring what will hopefully be a fantastic game to the states, and that’s something worth supporting. Let’s just hope the gamble pays off.

Source: Joystiq

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  • Can’t wait, this will be the last great Wii game!

    • Yes, yes, and YES!!! T_T

      Haven’t had a great Wii game in years so I’m really glad to hear this is coming out!