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Hyouka Episode 12/13 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

I forgot that Hyouka was scheduled for 20+ episodes, so the new OP and ED were pleasant surprises. These two episodes change things up a bit – they’re more slice of life than mystery. But I’m fine with this since the last arc did absolutely nothing for me.

The gang is at the school festival trying to sell their anthology, but they keep getting sidetracked. Chintanda is easily distracted, and Oreki is just sitting around. Meanwhile the other two members have their own problems. A few potential mysteries are introduced, but they’re quickly swept under the rug.

One will probably come up at the last-minute (the arc isn’t over yet), but it’ll only be there to appease fans. I say stick with the slice of life stuff. (Rating: 8/10)

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  • I thought Hyouka was strangely engaging this week…

    Yeah, Kyoto Animation has always been the master of directing and animating slice of life shows. Mysteries, though? Not so much.