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Hyouka Episode 14 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

I’m starting to feel like Hyouka should just drop the mysteries and continue along its current path. This current arc is the best one yet and so far it doesn’t contain one central mystery. Although, everything is being tied together nicely, so this isn’t exactly a slice of life comedy just yet.

I loved the cooking competition. It had tons of tension – will Maya make it? Okay, she made it, but what can she make with those leftover ingredients? I was constantly on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next scene.

Everything comes together thanks to Oreki and a bag of flour. I enjoyed this development because everyone kept giving Oreki useless stuff, and it turns out the last item he received saved the day.

I don’t have any criticisms, but next week looks like a return to form. This may be good or bad depending on whom you ask. (Rating: 8.5/10)

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  • Yup. Like I said before, Kyoto Animation has always been the king of slice-of-life comedy, whether it be K-On, Clannad, or these last 2 episodes of Hyouka. The sudden burst of tension and energy comes from Kyoto Animation being in their element again!