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Pre-Order Dead Or Alive 5, Get ‘Bunny Angel’ Outfits

Just when it looked like Team Ninja was cleaning up their act they decided to drop this trailer highlighting a “tantalizing” pre-order bonus. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has bikinis, but Dead Or Alive 5 takes things a step further — bikinis with bunny ears. So hurry up and pre-order the game, it’s due out on September 25.

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  • Wow, all the more reason to buy this game!

    Hehe, just kidding. But yea, I’m glad TECMO’s still keeping the DoA spirit for this game… whether or not Itagaki was involved in its production.

  • If I pre-order this, It’ll be because it’s an awesome fighting game, not because I want swimsuits and bunny outfits.