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Sword Art Online Episode 4 Micro-Review

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Sword Art Online is one of the best anime of the summer (so far). So it was an easy choice for one of my weekly “Micro-Review” slots. You can read my thoughts on the first three episodes here (scroll to the bottom). Now, let’s talk about “The Black Swordsman”.

On this episode Kirito helps a loli-idol revive her dead pet. I found this strange at first – why does he keep helping damsels in distress? Seriously, it seems like ¾ of the episodes so far are about him helping out a cute girl.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved the comedy and lightheartedness, but things were starting to feel too familiar. Luckily there was more to the story, and once his true intentions were revealed I was absolutely hooked.

Although, this did bring up another potential problem – it seems like most of Kirito’s battling/leveling is taking place off-screen. This makes things feel a bit rushed; hopefully this doesn’t become standard practice. Still, this was an exceptional episode. (Rating: 8.5/10)

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  • The show is presenting things in the chronological order in which they happened, and the last 3 episodes have been a series of short side-stories from vol.2 from the books. In vol. 1, the story pretty much skips from what happened at the end of episode 1 to when he’s Lv. 80 or so, 1.5 years later. The last 3 episodes are just about some stuff he did during that time. When the actual meat of the story starts to come into play, things should slow down a bit.

    Hope this helps you understand it a bit!

    • Oh, that makes sense! Thanks! I didn’t know that sense I don’t read light novels or manga ha-ha. I’ve tried, but I just can’t get into them.

      • That’s fine, I’m just glad I could help! On the other hand, it DOES mean the show could use a little better pacing. Things do feel very abbreviated.