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Hyouka Episode 15 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Hyouka has reverted back to its old ways. The school festival is still in full swing, but a mystery has finally reared its ugly head. Actually, all of this was alluded to on the earlier episodes, but I didn’t want to believe things were headed down in this direction, again. See, Hyouka’s mysteries are rarely worth caring about.

Oreki admits he can’t say no to Chintanda – once she’s curious, it’s lights out. There game is becoming clichéd at this point, but this episode wasn’t a total disaster. Everyone except Oreki seemed on edge. Maya is still thinking about her manga drama, Chintanda is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and Satoshi has a chip on his shoulder.

The gang has never been this dysfunctional. I found Satoshi’s issues the most interesting, up until this point he’s been the classic club’s most carefree member. Is he becoming jealous of Oreki’s abilities? Oh and before I go — Hatsune Miku is a major bitch. (Rating: 8/10)

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  • Ugh, yeah, Hyouka is back to it’s old “first-world” mysteries. However, after seeing Satoshi get all jealous (or something) of Oreki, I’m starting to think the mysteries might just be a backdrop for teen drama and whatnot, so we can see Oreki (ever-so-slowly) change as a person. I hope I’m right…

    • I think you’re right. Things are becoming more dramatic, I see some romance and drama in the future. It was major that Oreki admitted that he can’t say no to Chintanda, and Maya is already trying to run to Satoshi.