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Lakitu Makes it Rain, 3DS XL Off to a Huge Start in Japan

The 3DS XL (LL) came out last week in Japan and it’s already moved 193,441 units (eat your heart out PS Vita). Meanwhile New Super Mario Bros. 2 moved 430,185 units. All of this is impressive, but what’s even more impressive is that these sales are only from a 2 day period. Let me repeat that — TWO DAYS! Yes, since both items were released on Saturday these figures aren’t form a full week.

It looks like Nintendo still has a death-grip on the Japanese gaming market. The 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2 comes stateside on August 18. Tell us — are you picking up the new 3DS?

Via: Andriasang
Source: Famitsu

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  • Kaizin514

    The DS moving these numbers isn’t too surprising, I guess. On the other hand, I am looking forward to getting NSMB2

    • You own a 3DS?

      • Kaizin514

        Nope, and have no plans on buying one for a while. I will wait for Luigi’s Mansion 2 before I buy one. And then I can catch up with Ocarina and NSMB2

        • Makes sense. Sometimes I regret being an early adopter. In about a year they’ll be tons of great and cheap 3DS games on the market. Resident Evil: Revelations is another must buy.