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Hyouka Episode 16-17 Micro-Review

Spoilers Ahead

This arc was a long one. It started off kind of random, but these last two episodes have tied everything together nicely. For the first time, the mystery isn’t the main focus. No, these two episodes were all about expectations and character development.

Maya and Satoshi are both dealing with unexpected personal issues. The drama heats up out of nowhere. After watching these episodes it’s hard to look at them the same way.

Once again Oreki steals the spotlight. But this time he uses his detective work to get what he wants, and blackmailed the culprit. This showed a different side of Oreki, one that even managed to shock Satoshi.

The theme of the last episode was people taking their gifts for granted. It struck a powerful chord because I think everybody knows someone like that. They’re talented, but they could care less. This is frustrating for friends who wish they could do those things. Overall this was one of the best arcs yet. (Rating: 9/10)

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  • Yeah, something about the Kanya Festival made this show AMAZING! Maybe it was the festive, energetic mood of the fesival, or the dramatic elements introduced to each character (although I thought Mayaka’s was kind of silly…), or Oreki doing something ingeniously cool at the end, making Satoshi’s jaw hang open in bewilderment. Overall, I hope the show stays like this for the remaining 4 episodes.

    • Same here, hopefully it goes out with a bang. I want Oreki to get some more development though.