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Shaft’s New Magical Girl Anime ‘PRISM NANA’ Looks Nothing Like Madoka

Troll me once, shame on you; troll me twice, shame on me. This is the first thing that came to mind after watching the trailer for Shaft’s new magical girl anime PRISM NANA. Like Madoka this isn’t based on an existing work, so we have no idea where the story is headed. Plot details are scarce, all we know is it centers around three girls.

I’m a huge fan of Shaft’s work so I’m looking forward to PRISM NANA, but it’s destined to let more than a few anime fans down. If it turns dark like Madoka they’ll say “That was predictable”, but if it stays cute and cuddly they’ll say “Well, that was boring — I expected more from Shaft.” Here’s my prediction, the girls are really intergalactic serial killers. You heard it here first folks.

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  • We could always hope it’s that long-awaited hilarious parody of the Magical Girl genre…? I dunno, let’s just hope it’s not your latter guess, cuz I think the world might be DONE with typical magical-girl shows.