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Here’s What You Get When You Pre-Order Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at GameStop

Before you ask — no, the girl doesn’t come with your GameStop pre-order. But you will get exclusive characters, a poster, XBL avatars, and a crap load of bikinis for your fighters. If all of those things sound good to you head to your nearest GameStop and pre-order Tekken Tag Tournament 2 before it’s September 11th release date hits.

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  • Kaizin514

    Who preorders games anymore?

    • People who like extras? Ha-ha 🙂

      • Kaizin514

        You mean DLC that MOST won’t use or care to have? lol, DLC that should be given to everyone on day 1? But hey, what do I know?

        • Tekken girls in bikini outfits? I CARE! XD

          Lol in all seriousness though, I’m preordering this because the game’s price tag hasn’t changed in spite of the added bonuses. So it’s like I’m getting all this DLC content for “free” and on day one, kind of like what you said, as opposed to buying this stuff separately in the future (in which if I were to do that, then I’d definitely be getting ripped off). Plus I always enjoyed the Tekken series so why the hell not lol.