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Hyouka Episode 19 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Look at the picture above this paragraph — do you see the expression on Chintanda’s face? Well, that’s how I felt after watching this episode. It took place in one room and features a conclusion that’s utterly ridiculous (and this is coming from someone who just watched the season five finale of True Blood).

I did enjoy the sexual tension between Oreki and Chintanda, but sadly the good times end there. Once again everything was too predictable, they were playing a game, but it was obvious that their crazy theory would turn out true. Oreki’s detective skills were already unrealistic, but this was just too much (Rating: 6/10).

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  • You make a good point… to the degree that I don’t know how to resopnd! You’re definitely right that the mystery is silly (as they’ve all been up to this point) and predictable, but I’ve pretty much accepted them as backdrops for the character interaction, since I think that’s been Hyouka’s focus all along, really.

    Thinking back, the show might have been a lot better if Oreki’s magical, special talent was running or drawing or something. The idea that the mysteries are supposed to be taken as challenges to the viewers is false advertisement on Hyouka’s part. Or maybe this is just how their mystery light novels go. Beats me, man…

    • I’m not sure what to make of this anime anymore. I loved the school festival arc, and I wish they would just jump from arc to arc instead of putting random episodes in the middle. It feels like filler and I want Oreki to finally get stomped or man up and admit that he has talent and stop acting like such a Debbie Downer.