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New Metal Gear Solid and Movie Info

Today at Konami’s Metal Gear 25th Event, Hideo Kojima made some announcements that are sure to get MGS fans excited. He announced a new game running on the FOX Engine and that new game will be called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. All that is really known of this game is that it will feature Big Boss and it will be an open-world game, which is new to the MGS series. The trailer was shown behind closed doors but many sources are citing that Snake will be able to drive vehicles, sneak around army bases, plus more.

The other interesting news was a re-announcement of the Metal Gear Solid movie. Now, most video game adaptations are utter crap, but there is some hope for this new movie, and that hope is Avi Arad. As some of you may know, Avi Arad is the big time producer of virtually all Marvel movies, and some may argue that he is the reason that Marvel movies are as successful as they have been. In light of this news, we may see a really good video game adaption.

The only other piece of news that was given was that the FOX Engine is designed for current gen systems in mind, even though the demo of Ground Zeroes was being played on a PC (which gives immense hope to the PC crowd). No release dates of any sort were given as per my understanding for either the game or the movie. Let’s hope that these will be out by the end of this next year.

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  • Open world? I can dig that.

    • Kaizin514

      I know, right? First thought that came to mind was “we needed this a long time ago”. Open world stealth game? Can’t tell me that wouldn’t be awesome.