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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced (Updated: Video Added)

Today Square Enix announced Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, it’s a new entry in the FFXIII series starring everyone’s favorite pink haired badass, Lightning. The game is a solo affair and it takes place hundreds of years after the events of FFXIII-2 and features a doomsday clock (13 days and nights, everything wastes time).

Since Lightning is the only character the game will have in-depth customization features. The battle system is similar to the ones found in the previous two games, but it’s more action-centric (the player has more control over Lightnings actions during battle and while walking around). Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be out next year for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out the presentation in English below.

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  • Kaizin514

    Square: “Hey guys, we know you want Versus XIII, so here is what we have been working on for the past year.” Shows off new XIII. “Oh, you thought we meant Versus XIII? Wow, well, you will just have to wait a little longer for that. Our team is working on this new XIII that we think you will like. Versus is still on its way though. Just wait. Like Duke Nukem. Remember that? Yea, here is some more Lightning though, we heard you guys wanted more XIII.”

    Fans: “Yea, f**k you Square. We want Versus XIII, not some washed up Final Fantasy that you guys are using as a cash grab.”

    Square: *trollface* “You mad? Don’t kid yourselves you will buy this.”

    Fans: “Yea, you’re right. Then we will complain about how much you suck.”
    Moral of the lesson: Square Enix needs to realize their fans can only hold out for so long, and they are lucky their games sell at all.

    • Ha-ha, it is a huge middle finger to the fans. But I’m almost positive that Versus XIII will get a name change, but time is running out. The next-gen is quickly approaching, so I’m thinking PS4 title. It would be commercial suicide to release a high profile PS3 game once the PS4 is in stores (especially if it isn’t backwards compatible).

      • Kaizin514

        Point exactly. Versus has taken too long, Square’s BEST option would be to name it Final Fantasy XV and release it next gen. At least we will get it and hell, make it a day one exclusive and you will sell consoles out the ass.