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Putting Down the Ban Hammer: Apparently Final Fantasy Versus XIII Won’t be at TGS 2012

Today a member of Square Enix’s Fan Club asked Shinji Hashimoto (a producer at SE) if Final Fantasy Versus XIII would make an appearance at TGS 2012. Here’s the short answer — SE’s focus is getting Lightning’s final game out the door, so there will be no talk of Versus.

But wait, aren’t the games made by different teams? I give up — this is the last Final Fantasy Versus XIII post you’ll see on Geek Revolt until the game is on store shelves (and then we’ll post a brutally honest review). I don’t care about screenshots, trailers, new info, or release dates. I joke a lot, but I’m deadly serious. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the first game to feel the thud of our ban hammer, and something tells me it won’t be the last.

Source: Andriasang

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  • Camara Wilson

    I’m tired as well..they have time to make two sequels and show a next gen off but versus is so hush hush…yeah two conclusions its vapor or maybe just a two hr dlc

    • It shows a lack of respect for the fans. They brag about how good it looks, but refuses to show it. Hopefully they learned their lesson, though. Don’t announce something that you can’t bring to market in at least two years.