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Mixtape Management: Lil Wayne – Dedication 4 ‘Phoning It In’ Edition

Mixtape Management happens every Monday and it highlights the most interesting mixtape release from the past week. Notice we didn’t say “the best”. While we want to bring great mixtapes to your attention – we will occasionally highlight some of the bad apples.[divider]

This has to be the most delayed mixtape ever. Seriously, the release date got pushed back about a half-dozen times. Lil Wayne claimed he was too busy skateboarding (shocking, look at that artwork) and that he didn’t want to step on 2 Chainz feet (ugh).

So here’s a question — was Dedication 4 worth the wait? Short answer — no. There are a few good verses here and there (most of them aren’t from Wayne), but overall this is one of the most phoned in mixtapes of 2012. If you’re a hardcore Tunechi fan it may be worth a listen, though.

Download Link: Dedication 4

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    i have for some time now stayed away from lil waynes music and i will continue to do so….. when j.cole or kendrick drop a new mixtape then i will see what all the fuss is about