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Semi-Confirmed: Kat From Gravity Rush Coming To PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

All Games Beta posted the above image of Kat’s bio in PSASBR and it looks legit. So yeah — I’m ecstatic,  she’ll be my go to character come this November. Of course this could be a fake, but most of the other leaks have been confirmed. Plus she’s one of PlayStation’s most exciting new characters — why wouldn’t she be included? And one more thing, she already has the right moves. Her inclusion was inevitable, now where’s Crash?

SourceAll Games Beta

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  • Kaizin514

    Saw an interview with the guys and they discussed Crash, they said that there is no way in hell he will be DLC, and “if” he is, then he will be free. They proceeded to talk about other possibilities but it always came back to Crash. Based on what was said, I think Crash will be the final announced hero, not because he isn’t already developed, but that he is the most wanted to appear.

    My only disappointment is the lack of Solid Snake. I understand they use Raiden for the MGS nominee (couldn’t think of a better word), but c’mon, Snake is more iconic than Raiden in the PS fanbase. If they can justify using a non-PS exclusive based character like Big Daddy and an alternate character like Evil Cole, I think they can put Snake in there, especially since he helped define the PS1 era.

    • Yeah they’ll probably saw him for last, and I think Snake will be included.

  • So many of Sony’s newer franchises are showing up here. I feel like their desire to include system-exclusives ONLY is limiting the game’s cast to an extent. I mean, I’m really happy to hear Kat is going to be in the game, but it’s things like the double-Cole McGrath inclusion that bother me.