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Sword Art Online Episode 10 Micro-Review

Warning Major Spoilers Ahead

This is easily the best anime episode of the summer (so far). Yes, it’s not just the best episode of SAO – it tops everything I’ve seen this season. It’s Avant-garde; other series should aspire to be this bold. The plot goes there — it’s absolutely relentless in its assault and leaves little room for a breather.

First off Kirito lost the battle and had to join the Knights of the Blood Oath. The weirdness doesn’t end there, next thing you know he’s out in the middle of nowhere one step away from heavens gate. I knew that creepy guard would comeback, and it was predictable when Asuna came to Kirito’s rescue.

Things became truly awesome when Kirito got his hand cut off and killed the creep, though, thus saving Asuna. Wow, you weren’t expecting that were you? It’s rare to see an anime protagonist actually kill someone, no matter the circumstances. 8/10 times we’re treated to some holier than thou conclusion, boring (the villain is jailed or spared).

But wait – theres more. Next thing you know Kirito and Asuna are sharing a passionate kiss, then she’s getting undressed, Krito tells Asuna she has the wrong idea (LOL), Asuna goes into tsundere mode, and boom – Kirito say’s “let’s get married”. That’s a lot of ground to cover in one episode, but SAO pulls it off brilliantly.

I’m done; now check out this perfect score (Rating: 10/10).

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  • I wholeheartedly agree, although I know we’re coming in from different perspectives of this series. I think the coolest thing for me was seeing everything play out in a PERFECTLY abbreviated manner and look even cooler on screen than it did in my head!

    Even though I already knew what was going to happen, I still felt the sense of excitement and danger during the duel and betrayal scenes, and the emotion towards the end. For that, I can agree with that 10/10.

  • Jason Platt

    I can’t believe how fast the series is moving. It’s 10 episodes in and so much has happened. The big fight in Ep. 10 could have easily been drawn out to an episode or two (and many Anime series would have done so) but it was over in just a few minutes. I would have been happy with some more action but it’s different and refreshing to see several major plot developments done all in the same episode.
    I hope we get to see some larger story arcs in the near future. It still kinda feels like things are not settled in and it’s time for the series to start something grand.

    • It would be nice to see some longer arcs. I like the show, but things are going a little too fast. Although, this episode pulled off everything quite nicely.