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Hyouka Episode 21 Micro-Review

Warning, Major Spoilers Ahead

Hyouka is quickly approaching its expiration date. There are only a couple of episodes left and I’m honestly indifferent about the whole situation. This episode brought the drama, but instead of making me appreciate the series more – it just left me feeling angry and confused.

Satoshi and Mayaka’s relationship takes center stage. It’s Valentines Day, and unrequited love is in the air. Mayaka makes a chocolate heart for Satoshi, but it goes missing. And it’s up to Oreki (shocker) to track down the missing heart-shaped treat.

Long story short – Satoshi took the heart, explains that he’s crazy and doesn’t want to revert back to his old ways, and is forgiven. Now, this was a dick move on his part because it hurt Mayaka and made Chintanda cry.

This made me not like Satoshi, but this situation also didn’t bode well for Oreki. You can tell he was upset when Chintanda started crying. I wanted him to man up and call Satoshi out on the spot. But he didn’t, and when both of them were alone I wanted him to haul off and punch him in the face. Once again, he failed to deliver.

True, he got a little upset and jacked Satoshi up – but that wasn’t enough. Couple this with the fact that he never makes a move on Chintanda (she basically set him up) and you have one frustrating episode. It was painful to watch, enough with all the blushing – make your move. (Rating: 7/10)

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  • I’m surprised you didn’t dislike this episode more. I know I did.

    This time, I agree with all the points you listed, plus the fact that they even bother explaining the most obvious mystery of all time. This came in at more like a 6/10 or 5/10 for me.

    • Ha-ha! I thought you would actually say you liked it! I was torn when it came to the score. I appreciate the drama, but it made me angry. And yeah, I’m not even sure why they explained anything. It was obvious he took it from the get go, it was written all over his face :/