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Mixtape Management: Joey Bada$$ – Rejex

Mixtape Management happens every Monday and it highlights the most interesting mixtape release from the past week. Notice we didn’t say “the best”. While we want to bring great mixtapes to your attention – we will occasionally highlight some of the bad apples.[divider]

Picking this week’s mixtape wasn’t easy. Big Sean dropped Detroit, a solid effort that pays homage to his hometown, while highlighting how much he’s improved over the past year. But I went with Joey Bada$$’ latest effort because I believe that he’s the future of hip-hop. At 17-years-old he’s being compared to Nas during his Illmatic era.

The truth is — this kid is on another level. While his peers are wasting time rapping about shit they don’t like, Joey is going with a mature approach and bringing 90s era hip-hop back to the front lines. Rejex is a companion piece to his 1999 mixtape and it’s comprised of songs that didn’t make the cut. Basically, it’s filled with a bunch of b-sides from 1999 and a few songs he did when he was 15. It’s still worth a listen, though. So grab it and 1999 if you haven’t already and check out his music video for ‘Waves’ below.

Download Links: 1999, Rejex

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