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Album Review: Go Radio – Close The Distance

Go Radio’s timing is impeccable. Close The Distance sounds like the end to a bittersweet summer. It captures that occasionally ambiguous feeling between seasons. You’re obsessing over what you could have done differently, but at the same time you’re focused on the future.

All of Close The Distance’s songs hit home thanks to Jason Lancaster’s honest lyrics and passionate vocals. Albums like this can easily come out sounding forced — after all this is Pop-Rock centered on break-ups, mistakes, and growing up. But it never does, everything sounds organic and sincere. The songs are never too bitter, cheesy, or desperate.

Of course the catchiness of the whole affair doesn’t hurt either. Songs like ‘Baltimore’, ‘Collide’, and ‘Things I Don’t See’ wouldn’t be out of place on Top 40 radio stations. They’re a perfect mix of lyrics, vocals, production, and musicianship.

On the topic of musicianship, one thing I love about this album is each instrument is given ample breathing room. I hate songs where one instrument dominates everything, or songs where everyone decides to play at the same time. There are peaks and valleys, every instrument sounds distinguished and they flow naturally with one another. Combine this with all of the above and a few well placed backing vocals and you have a potent mix. (Rating: 8.5/10)

Close The Distance comes out on September 18th via Fearless Records. Pre-order it here and like Go Radio on Facebook.

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