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Medal of Honor Warfighter ‘Basilan’ Gameplay Trailer

Do you think this is the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC version of Medal of Honor Warfighter? Find out on October 26th when you buy the console version and it looks nothing like this. Seriously, you should probably upgrade your PC.

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  • Camara Wilson

    very very — very cliched…saw a few x for ammo button, directional mapping and hold rt- right trigger, so i’ll say x360…after bf3 very poor campaign i can see this being the same thing

    • At this point we shouldn’t expect any of these military first person shooters to truly innovate. They’re more or less the same game, repackaged ad nauseam.

      • Kaizin514

        Hey, ultimately, I don’t give a shit, lol. I am buying this for two reasons…. BF4 beta (I know, stupid right?) and the fact it runs on Frostbite 2.0, so my PC may explode.