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Sword Art Online Episode 11 Micro-Review

Warning, Spoilers Ahead

Topping last week’s amazing episode was never in the cards, but episode 11 of SAO still manages to impress. Kirito and Asuna’s virtual life has forever been changed and they’re trying to adjust accordingly. During a calm day the newlyweds stumble across a girl who could shake SAO to its foundations.

Things are moving fast, first kissing, then marriage, sex, and now parenthood? Okay, Yui isn’t Kirito and Asuna’s biological child, but I enjoyed hearing her call them Mommy and Daddy. Her introduction presents an interesting twist. She creates a new dynamic between our pair, and she’s somewhat of an enigma.

The episode ends when things are starting to get good, but this was a solid start to a new arc. (Rating: 7.5/10)

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