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Hyouka Episode 22 Micro-Review and Final Thoughts

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Okay, finally Hyouka has come to an end. It’s been an interesting ride. The series started off solid, lost its way, became great (the school festival arc), lost its way again, and then ended in a very mediocre fashion. I’ve found my new anime punching bag – sorry Angel Beats.

This final episode was beyond boring. I actually wanted to press fast forward. The last scene had the potential to be great, but it was only a daydream. Oreki is a spineless coward and his actions (or lack there of) made this one of the most frustrating anime in recent memory.

Some will enjoy the subtlety of it all, and Oreki’s silent realization that he has fallen for Chintanda. This is okay in moderation, but Hyouka takes it too far. There was barely any character development over the course of these 22 episodes. Hell, Maya says things are back to normal between her and Satoshi! Really? All build up, and no payoff.

The slick animation is Hyouka’s only redeeming factor. Forget a second season, I’ll take a memory wipe. (Series Rating: 6.5/10)

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  • I… agree whole heartedly. The ending of a series is always a bery dynamic, “make-or-break” point in a series for me, and Hyouka broke. Hell, it didn’t even break, it just EVAPORATED.

    When a show ends with such a lack of closure or any display of character development, It makes me feel like an idiot for all the passes I gave on the boring scenes or lame mysteries that came earlier, and with such a stoic finale, the show gives me nothing by which to remember it. You won’t need that memory wipe, Mr. Zollicoffer, because if you’re like me, you’ll have forgotten all about this show by the end of next season.

    P.S. Any clues on what you’ll be looking at next season (besides more SAO, obviously)?

    • Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one who found this series disappointing. I’ve been hearing a lot of people calling it a masterpiece on the forums. I think they’re just in love with the animation, but that isn’t enough. A story doesn’t have to be in your face, but it needs to deliver something. This felt lazy just like Oreki, maybe that was the point.

      Anyway, I’m not even sure what’s coming out next season. I have a chart, I’ll probably just check everything out and cut out the bad apples 🙂

  • I’ll probably watch a second season too. I just don’t like this kind of story telling, you know — when nothing gets accomplished.

  • It seem I like story it self exclude ending and romance I really like the point of this anime.
    It not masterpiece yet it not bad at all it really good actually.
    I want to see season 2 very well.