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Sword Art Online Episode 12 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

‘Yui’s Heart’ wraps up the story introduced in last week’s episode and in true SAO fashion — it’s a tear-jerker. It sheds more light on what’s going on behind the scenes and ultimately brings Kirito and Asuna closer together.

This episode’s formula was far from groundbreaking, a stranger asks our pair to help them with a dangerous rescue mission, and they agree. This didn’t do much for me because it was obvious that it would end in tragedy.

Things really picked up when Yui stepped in and saved her adopted parents. This confirmed what many had expected — she’s really a program. Happiness in SAO is fleeting, and even though Yui’s time was brief it was sad to see her go. Things are still moving at a brisk clip, but these mini-arcs are starting to work in SAO’s favor. (Rating: 8/10)

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