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LittleBigPlanet: PS Vita Review

Here we go again with LittleBigPlanet (LBP)! If you haven’t had your fill of Sack Boy in his previous adventures then grab your PS Vita and a copy of LittleBigPlanet: PS Vita.

The Story – Nothing new to report here. There is some evil entity (no spoilers since if I said anything it would give the whole game away) trying to make the world a scary and dark place. Its your job as Sack Boy to go around solving puzzles and using your platforming skills to defeat this madness.

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Title:LittleBigPlanet: PS Vita
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Media Molecule
Platforms: PS Vita
Price: $39.99
Release Date: 9/25/2012[/toggle_box]


  • A sack never looked so good- The graphics in this game are great! I even played some LittleBigPlanet 2 on the PS3 just to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. This game is like having the console version in the palm of your hand.
  • CAN touch this- LBP does a wonderful job of utilizing all of the Vita’s features. Even if you don’t like some of the features, you wont have to suffer through them for long. Seriously though, most of the features are easy to use and fun.
  • I’ll take the mini- The levels in LBP are perfect for on the go gaming. They are quick enough to not get sick of them and yet they’re long enough to keep you interested.
  • ToF (tons of fun)- There is so much content in this game it’s ridiculous. There is a level creator (although its not the easiest thing to use) that allows you to create pretty much any kind of game with in the LBP world. It will take you hours and hours to master, but its there none-the-less.
  • Pimp my Sack…Boy- There are tons of costume elements to keep you messing around with your character’s style. It’s fun so be sure to play around with it and check out what other people are doing when you go online.
  • There’s an app for that- On the up side to the level creator, you can download and play everyone else’s levels (if they published them online) while you’re perfecting yours. This adds tremendous replay value to the game. I’ve played Mario levels, regular LBP type levels, and even a Fruit Ninja game. They are fun to look through and play.


  • How did that go again?- If you aren’t a LBP veteran the controls can give you a hard time. Some moments are awkward and downright frustrating.
  • Man I was just starting to have fun- This is very short. Seriously take advantage of all the user content so you can continue to have fun with the game. It is a 40 dollar title, but still it ends right when its getting good.
  • Play with friends?- I have a few friends with Vitas so it’s nice to mess around with co-op elements of games. The co-op is nice since you can instantaneously play with strangers while online. One thing I noticed is most of the players you run into just screw around, so working together almost never happens (unless it absolutely has to). The co-op is a welcome addition, but it definitely doesn’t sell the game.


  • ???- There are many tutorials on how to create levels in LBP (there’s over 60) and it just takes a lot of time to get into it. The process is far from streamlined, but I’m still happy its there. That being said it isn’t as accessible to the average consumer.
  • SEXIST BASTARDS!- Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. I just can’t believe after 3 previous iterations this franchise does not have a female character in it. You can dress your character up like a girl, but in all the dialog he is still referred to as Sack BOY. I don’t know why this bugs me — but it does (feel free to blast me in the comments below)
  • What did he just say?- During the major cutscenes the other characters will talk in english and it is very easy to understand. Once the cutscene is over they start speaking in some gibberish language that is annoying as hell to listen to while you’re trying to read the translation in the dialog bubble.


This was a very enjoyable experience on the Vita and it has my full recommendation. There are plenty of things to do to keep you busy so don’t hesitate to add this to your collection even if you’re not a LBP fan. There is no time like the present to get into the franchise.

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Gameplay: 8
Story: 6
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Replay: 10

‘8.5’ Superb – Better than great–this game’s quality deserves praise. We highly recommend purchasing it.[/toggle_box]

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  • Great review, I really need to pick this up. I’ve been super busy, though 🙁

    • Ya this game is amazing for on the go. I just wish it was longer!

      • That’s what the online community is for! That’s like an endless supply of levels right there!