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Dexter ‘Are You…?’ Review

Dexter has encountered a few tight situations, but none of them compare to his current predicament. The phrase ‘game changer’ comes to mind. Last season bordered on mediocrity. Its only saving grace was its ending, and that’s where the season seven première picks up.

Debra knows – and she refuses to sweep Dexter’s secret under the rug. This is understandable, what would you do if you just walked in on your brother committing murder?

I loved the tension, Debra and Dexter’s new dynamic adds an interesting spark to the series. This episode shows Debra becoming more suspicious of her brother by the minute, and Dexter is already starting to crack under the pressure.

Everything is coming full circle. Old plot points are resurfacing and it feels like six years of Dexter are about to collide. The Ice Truck Killer, Bay Harbor Butcher, and Dexter’s entire serial killer career is under the magnifying glass.

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter gave some of their best performances ever in this première. Now both of their characters are leading double lives, the looks between them are priceless. Body language has never played such a major role in this series.

The whole Debra & Dexter situation isn’t the only noteworthy thing about this episode, though. Anderson dies, Louis is still creepy, and Dexter kills a mobster. Plus there’s some cool non-linear storytelling at work (we were tricked into believing that Dexter was about to flea).

Overall this was a great start to the seventh season and the ending shows that the writers are serious about exposing Dexter’s dark passenger. You can tell that they’re setting us up for the end game, and at this rate we’re in for one memorable conclusion. (Rating: 9/10)

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