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Anime Trailer: Medaka Box Abnormal

I did weekly reviews of the first season of Medaka Box and I hated it initially, but it started to get interesting once the action kicked in. Medaka Box Abnormal looks like it’s skipping all the filler and going straight for the jugular. Still, season one could have handled things better. I stuck around because I knew a genre shift was in the cards. A lot of potential fans abandoned ship, though. Medaka Box Abnormal premieres on October 10.

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  • I tried watching the first season, and even read through a lot of the manga. I don’t… GET Medaka Box, nor do I understand it’s fanbase. The hyper-stylization, combined with the erratic shifts in mood and overall craziness just didn’t work for me, I suppose. Pass.

    (Side-note: I’ve read comments from fans of the manga saying the show doesn’t really do it justice, but I couldn’t tell you whether or not there’s any truth to that.)

    • I had to force myself to watch it, and I still don’t love it. It’s definitely not for everyone.

  • Book Maker

    Medaka Box’s reception is heavily divided. Most people who haven’t read the manga, see s1 as a train wreck that doesn’t deserve a season 2. Although the show gets better with the next arc, then becomes awesome with the arc after that, having the slow and weak s1 really dampens the series and limits the people who’ll watch it.

    The second arc is a typical shounen action story. Nothing more. Medaka Box’s critics will beat the follow up season for this because it offers nothing new. . . . Until the very end (which I will not spoil). [episode 1 should be out by now]

    The ending of the second arc directly ties up with the third. And the third is where the epic madness occurs. One of the most interesting antagonists that I know (and I know a lot) is introduced in this arc and really adds color to the series. Medaka is still a perfect little goddess (that will never change) but the story no longer focuses on her. It focuses more on the plot and the antagonist, reducing Medaka’s role. This is the “agreed” favorite arc of the majority of Medaka Box fans, But I’d beg to differ.

    The fourth arc is where I think the money is at. This is also where the anime should end if it does decide to go beyond season 2. This arc is basically where Nisio Isin flips off The Weekly Shounen Jump, breaking the fourth wall, making some of the boldest threats I’ve ever seen in a manga, and ultimately, mocking the “shounen” format. However, there are many bumps in this arc that Gainax should either fix or remove if they wish to go this far.

    The manga has two more arcs after that but they’re not as good as the past two. Most of the remaining fans (myself included) are praying that Nisio Isin has a great ending in store that will tie everything up together perfectly. But it seems more like an illusion than a possibility.

    tl;dr? Season 2 will be better than season 1. More people should watch it so Gainax would create a season 3 and 4. It’s got potential and a source material that just screams intentional over-the-top action, proving itself to be a great satire of the shounen genre. Though if you give it another shot but really can’t jam well with it, then that’s cool too.

    • Thanks for the long comment! I enjoyed the first episode of Abnormal, it got straight to the point and it look like Medaka will stop avoiding fights.

      • Book Maker

        It’s gonna get crazier. I hope Gainax pushes for four seasons though. The opening is misleading. Gainax is probably just trolling.