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Dexter ‘Sunshine and Frosty Swirl’ Review

It seems like there’s a rehab for everyone, alcoholics, compulsive liars, sex addicts, MMO players, and serial killers. Okay, scratch that last one. Serial killers get the death penalty, not a month’s stay in a posh rehab center. But this doesn’t stop Debra from trying to help cure Dexter’s bloodlust.

This episode was good, but something felt off. Debra’s actions were unrealistic at best. She finds out her 30-something year old brother has been killing people since the age of 20, and she thinks he can just quit with her help. Really?

Still, I loved all the scenes starring the Morgan siblings. They’ve always had a close relationship, but this secret is bringing them even closer. Now it remains to be seen if this is good or bad.

Dexter went head to head with Louis. I still don’t know where this storyline is going, but I was jumping for joy when he jacked Louis up. That wasn’t enough, though. He didn’t take Dexter’s threats seriously and he almost ended up on his table.

Dexter should have killed him; he doesn’t have time to deal with an obsessive man-child. I worry that this plot thread will distract from the more important story bits. Plus Dexter already knows what happens when he doesn’t go with his first instinct. The situation always blows up in his face. Sure, he doesn’t fit the code, but exceptions are unavoidable.

Overall this was a good episode with a few minor hiccups. I could have done without Dexter’s chats with the inmate (they seemed forced and too casual), the mobster storyline, and Quinn’s scenes, though.  (Rating: 7.5/10)

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