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Psycho-Pass Episode 1 Review

Major Spoilers Ahead

Are you tired of moe comedies, harems, and school settings? Well you’re in luck — Psycho-Pass is Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai’s polar opposite. It’s mature, dark, gritty, gory, and futuristic. While all of these things are cool, making something more mature isn’t always a recipe for success. Now let’s dive into my thoughts on this first episode.

Synopsis courtesy of My Anime List:

The series takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person’s state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term “Psycho-Pass” refers to a standard used to measure an individual’s being. The story centers on the “enforcement officer” Shinya Kougami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.

Psycho-Pass’ futuristic guns take center stage. They can scan a person’s mental state and they can’t be used against sane individuals (they lock up and change ammo type depending on the situation). This episode did a great job at highlighting the weapon’s strengths and weaknesses.

A criminal kidnaps a woman and tortures her – obviously he’s insane. But then things become interesting when the gun says the woman has also lost her mind. Well, she was under a lot of stress and most victims become mentally unstable, that’s normal. Yet, the gun said she had to go since her mental state was now in turmoil. So that means she has to die, luckily Akane stepped in and that didn’t happen.

I can already see where the story is going. The gun’s technology is awesome, yet deeply flawed. Mentally unstable isn’t synonymous with criminal. A gun shouldn’t be the judge, jury, and executioner. Plus since everyone knows about the ‘Psycho-Pass’ they’ll obsess over their scores, and this will inevitably lead to stress and a higher score (maybe that’s the point).

Enough about the technology and inevitable plot threads. The animation, music, and voice acting are all top notch. I can’t really say much about the characters, though, because we weren’t provided enough information. This episode’s primary focus was explaining how the guns work. Still, Psycho-Pass is an anime you should keep your eyes on. (Rating: 9/10)

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  • I would’ve enjoyed this anime more if it wasn’t for the so-called messiah newbie.

    Honestly if she has more charisma then I wouldn’t mind her desperately screaming “yamete!!” to prevent a mentally disturbed person from being shot.

    • Most of the people I’ve talked to had a problem with her. She had the right idea, but they could have made her a little less cliche.