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Dexter ‘Buck the System’ Review

Debra is still playing serial killer babysitter, Dexter is having violent daydreams, the Russian mob is hot on his trail, and he may have found a new love interest. A lot is going on, but it seems that the writers are making an effort to wrap up loose plot points from last season.

Dexter is having a tough time fighting his urges. He fantasizes about killing people a couple times on this episode, and eventually chokes a criminal in the interrogation room. He’s like a caged animal, I knew this would happen, but Debra still thinks she’s doing the right thing (more on that later).

Finally, Louis’ storyline has come to an end. It ended abruptly but it was nice seeing him get what was coming to him. When I say that I’m talking about being fired and getting dumped, not getting killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the end his need to get back at Dexter led to his demise – sinking Dexter’s boat was a lame attempt at payback.

Yvonne Strahovski made her début (as Hannah McKay) and it looks like she’s taken a liking to Dexter. I’m not sure where this one is going; she has ties to the serial killer who committed suicide last week, but I doubt she’ll end up in plastic wrap. That would be too predictable – she has to bring something we’ve never seen to the series.

As previously mentioned, I’m not crazy about the Russian mob storyline. It seems like a time waster and a poor substitute for a proper big bad. Honestly it’s a step below last season’s terrible religious storyline. It has already led to one casualty (Louis), and I fear Quinn may be next. Sigh, Quinn’s ‘Little Quinn’ is his own worst enemy.

Back to Dexter and Debra, she’s finally backing off. Sadly it took an innocent girl getting killed for her to see the light. Her slight change of heart came faster than expected – could something bigger be around the corner?

Overall ‘Buck the System’ was a good episode. Louis had to be dealt with and Debra is starting to see why Dexter’s Dark Passenger is a necessary evil. (Rating: 7.5/10)

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