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Sword Art Online Episode 15 Micro-Review

Warning, Major Spoilers Ahead

SAO took and unexpected turn last week. The only way you could have predicted that coming is if you read the light novels (which is basically cheating). Now it feels like a completely different series. ‘Return’ is another great episode, but it left me feeling extremely anxious.

Kirito is back in the real world and we’re introduced to his little sister. It’s obvious from the beginning that she has a crush on her big brother. She shows some signs of jealousy and all bets are off once it’s revealed she really isn’t his sister. Incestuous relationships between cousins is still immoral, but for some reason in the anime world it’s borderline acceptable.

Asuna is still in a coma. This is the big plot point on ‘Return’ and the reason Kirito will inevitably enter another virtual world. But that’s not all; some creep is moving in on his turf and trying to marry Asuna while she’s in a coma. Also it’s apparent that he’s the one pulling the strings and the episode ends with a virtual Asuna in a cage.

SAO remains impressive; most shows would lose steam after such a big transition. Still, I can’t wait until next week when the plot goes back to the virtual world. I’m not crazy about the elf designs in the OP, but I’m willing to over look that if this arc is as good as the first one. (Rating: 9/10)

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  • Jason Platt

    This episode really disappoints me. SAO has been really good up until now, so why on earth would they start this “sibling love” crap at all?? It makes no sense, and it kills a ton of momentum they had going into the next arc. If they had made this other girl a friend or something it would have been fine. I like seeing Kirito fight in the real world and try to transition his skills, but the fact that his “sister” likes him just overpowers everything. Also, where are the parents??

    Then add in this creep wanting to marry Asuna while she’s still in a coma (while Kirito seems to just accept it at first) and this is nothing like what we have seen until now.

    I am also nervous. I thought SAO was gonna be my next real favorite Anime but I have no idea what to think now.

    • I’ll admit, I kind of think they should have stuck with the first storyline until the end of this season. This second arc may have been better for the inevitable sequel.